Prins NatureCare DIET Struvite&Calciumoxalate
    Prins NatureCare diet...
    Prins NatureCare DIET Struvite&Calciumoxalate
    Prins NatureCare diet Struvite&Calciumoxalate

    Prins NatureCare diet Struvite&Calciumoxalate

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    Canned food for adult cats for dissolving struvite and calcium oxalate stones and preventing their recurrence. The feed is produced using the highest quality natural ingredients and in collaboration with veterinarians.

    • Enriched with cranberries for urinary tract protection.
    • Easily digestible.
    • Contains no artificial colors or fragrances.
    • A complex of vitamins and minerals for immunity
    • 200 g


    Preserved natural ingredients for adult cats that are exposed to stones that accumulate in the urinary tract. The feed helps to dissolve them and prevents them from recurring.

    Analysis: Humidity 8.0%. Protein 24.0%. Fat 18.0%. Ash 5.5%. Children's meat 1.3%. Fatty acids 4.0%. Carbohydrates 43.2%. Vitamin D (total) 520IE / kg. Taurine (total) 0.2%. Hydroxyproline 0.15% Calcium 0.23%. Phosphorus 0.21%. Potassium 0.17%. Magnesium 0.13%. Sodium 0.21%. Chloride 0.72%. Cheese 0.18%. Energy value 1043kcal / kg.

    Composition: Chicken liver, chicken, chicken stomachs, beef lungs, chicken fat, rice, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, cranberries (3%), salmon oil.

    Directions: Once opened, can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days. Serve food at room temperature, no additional preparation required. Divide the daily recommended amount of food into several smaller meals per day. This food can be used as a staple, or as an alternative to our dry feed. Always make sure your pet has room temperature drinking water. Recommended period of use: to dissolve struvite crystals in urine 5-12 weeks. We recommend reducing recurrent struvites and calcium oxalates for up to 6 months. Not suitable for: kittens, pregnant or lactating cats with heart or kidney problems.

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