Prins ProCare Protection dog Sterilised
Prins ProCare Protection dog Sterilised

Prins ProCare Protection dog Sterilised

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Top quality dietary dry food for medium and large breed dogs after castration or sterilization. Properties: To support kidney function; Enriched with herbal extracts, Schüssler salts and salmon oils; L-carnitine for optimized fat burning and weight control; With natural prebiotics for balanced intestinal microflora; Easily digested; For muscles and a healthy heart; With glucosamine and chondroitin for joints and movement; Cold-pressed granules (food prepared in this way preserves all nutrients and minerals).

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Dry feed for adult dogs of medium and large breeds after sterilization or castration. Carefully selected ingredients and natural prebiotics are used in food production. In cooperation with veterinarians, a comprehensively balanced feed formula is created that meets the requirements and standards for the nutrition of an adult dog.

Analytical composition: Moisture 9.0%. Protein 26.0%. Fat 11.0%. Ash 6.5%. Fiber 6.0%. Carbohydrates 41.5%. Calcium 1.1%. Phosphorus 0.8%. Potassium 0.7%. Magnesium 0.1%. Sodium 0.4%. Energy value 3690 kcal/kg.

Ingredients: Dehydrated poultry meat, corn, wheat, dried chicory pulp, animal fat (beef), rice, corn gluten, protein hydrolyzate, cellulose, hemoglobin powder, minerals (potassium chloride), yeast hydrolyzate, salmon oil (0.5% ), sunflower oil, grass extracts and Schüssler cell salts (dioskorea, drynaria, psoralea, crataegus, acanthopanax, epimedium, Schüssler cell salts No. 2,4,9,10) (0.075%), glucosamine (500 mg), chondroitin ( 500 mg), fructooligosaccharides (FOS) (400 mg).

Prins ProCare Protection Sterilized is given dry and does not require any preparation. Always make sure your pet has clean drinking water at room temperature. Divide the daily recommended amount of food into at least two meals a day. If you want to pamper your dog, you can offer Prins TotalCare or Prins NatureCare for one or several days. It is a healthy and natural feed for your dog. When replacing old feed with Protection Sterilised, mix more and more of the new feed with the old feed every day until the final change, no sooner than 7 days.

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