Prins ProCare Sensible Grain Free

Prins ProCare Grainfree Sensible Hypoallergic

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Whole grain dry food for adult dogs with duck with a sensitive digestive system. The production of feed uses the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure the well-being of your family member.

Hypoallergenic formula. Suitable for dogs with sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Balanced intestinal microflora. Recommended for solving skin and fur problems. Easily digestible. Cold pressed pellets.

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Hypoallergenic dry food for adult dogs who have digestive, fur and skin problems. A balanced feed formula developed with the experience of veterinarians will help you solve your pet’s health problems. The feed is produced by cold pressing, so the food does not lose vitamins and minerals, feeding rates are reduced, and the stomach is not overloaded.

Analysis: Humidity 9.0%. Protein 23.0%. Fat 13.0%. Ash 6.0%. Fiber 2.5%. Carbohydrates 46.5%. Calcium 1.4%. Phosphorus 0.9%. Potassium 0.6%. Magnesium 0.1%. Sodium 0.4%. Energy value 3950kcal / kg.

Composition: Dehydrated duck (30%), potato starch, peas, beef fat, chicory, maltodextrin, salmon oil (1.0%), vegetable fiber, yeast hydrolyzate, minerals (potassium chloride), sunflower oil, lecithin, fructoolos 400 mg).

Directions: ProCare Grainfree SENSIBLE HYPOALLERGIC is given dry, no preparation is required. Always make sure your pet has room temperature drinking water. Divide the recommended daily allowance into at least two meals a day. If you want to pamper your dog, you can offer Prins TotalCare or Prins NatureCare for one or a few days. It is a healthy and natural food for your pet.

Moving from one crunchy food to another

When changing food from another manufacturer to prins, you can mix both feeds until you change completely. Mix more and more new feed with the old one every day until you finally replace it, no sooner than 7 days. Sometimes a change in food can affect the color of the stool, which is perfectly normal and nothing serious.

When changing from pressed to crispy (extruded) food.

When you change the pressed food to one of the Prins extruded (crispy), we recommend changing it immediately without adding it to the old food. Sometimes changing the feed can affect the color of the stool, which is perfectly normal and nothing serious. Pressed foods are more concentrated and smaller in volume than crispy foods. The recommended portions are correspondingly smaller, thus not straining the stomach and facilitating digestion.

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