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CH Hepato chem cat, paste for cats

CH Hepato chem cat, paste for cats

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Dietary feed supplement for cats in the form of a paste. To support liver function in chronic liver failure. Has a detoxifying effect and helps to quickly restore the liver, promotes its regeneration. Can be used to treat chronic liver disease without long-term side effects.

  • 30 ml


Helps remove toxins, promotes liver regeneration. In case of chronic liver failure, it is suitable for long-term use without harming the body. Liver dysfunction is associated with loss of appetite and weight loss. Boldo in the composition improves appetite. The drug does not interact with other drugs because it is a natural product. Methionine stimulates protein formation. High-quality proteins, moderate amounts of selected and easily digestible proteins.

Composition (1 liter): Glucitol 87.5g, Cod liver oil 10g, Boldo 11g, Orthosiphon 11g, Dl-methionine, technically pure (3c301) 60g.

Protein source: Cod liver oil.

Analytical components: Copper - 0%, sodium - 0%, crude proteins - 0.7%, crude oils and fats - 30%, crude fiber - 1.5%, crude ash - 2.2%.

Doses and use: Used orally, 1 ml - per 10 kg of body weight, twice a day. The recommended period of use is up to 6 months. There should always be water when using the product. Before use or to extend the time of use, it is recommended to consult a veterinary specialist.

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