Virbac, Hexarinse

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Mouthwash for dogs and cats. Hexarinse® is a mouth rinse that helps control the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Use daily to maintain good oral hygiene in your pet. It is used to treat the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity.

  • 237 ml


Jaws rinse with chlorhexidine for dogs, cats and horses. It is used for the prevention of dental plaque and stones. In the case of secondary bacterial infection after teeth or other operations in the jaws, after brushing teeth, cleaning periodontal pockets.

Ingredients: Contains 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate, whose broad spectrum of activity against bacteria in the oral cavity can help prevent tooth and gum disease. Temporarily relieves minor gum irritation. Inhibits the accumulation of plaque. Helps eliminate bad breath.

Features: Easy to use. An innovative formula that inhibits plaque-forming bacteria

Use: Rinse the jaws every time the animal eats. You need to pour the liquid behind the lower lip on the gums, as close as possible to the teeth. The distributed active ingredients of the liquid work immediately and reach hard-to-reach places in the jaws.

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