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Vihrea (green mint), hygienic ointment

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Green hygienic ointment. Used in cases of inflammation or pain in the udder, muscles, joints, tendons or other soft tissues

  • 250 g


The green liquid hygienic ointment is recommended to be rubbed into the udders, muscles, and joints. The product stimulates superficial blood circulation. Green hygienic ointment provides a long-lasting feeling of warmth, stimulates surface blood circulation. Hygienic ointment should not be applied to damaged areas of the skin. It is recommended to apply to the skin using disposable gloves or other protective equipment.

Ingredients: menthol, isopropanol, glycerol, thickener, food coloring, emulsifier.

Apply: in the recommended area 2-3 times a day and rub gently to absorb. Do not use on damaged skin, mucous membranes.

Storage: Keep the package tightly closed, shake the package before use.

Manufacturer: Hiven Oy, Finland.

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