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Prins NatureCare dog grain-free turkey, for adult dogs

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Grain-free turkey sausage for young and adult dogs with fur or skin problems. The feed is made from the highest quality raw materials to ensure the perfect health of your pet. Grain-free. 100% Natural ingredients. Balanced intestinal microflora. Shiny fur. Easily digested. A great tool for training.

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Prins NatureCare dog grain-free Turkey is a fully balanced sausage for dogs with skin and coat problems. The turkey used in the composition is the only source of protein, which reduces the possibility of a food sensitivity reaction. This feed is also suitable as a treat during training.

Analysis: Moisture 63.0%. Protein 17.5%. Fat 9.5%. Ash 0.9%. Fiber 0.4%. Carbohydrates 8.7% Calcium 0.5%. Phosphorus 0.4%. Sodium 0.2% Energy value 1903kcal/kg.

Ingredients: Turkey meat (70%), rice, potato proteins, cellulose, minerals (potassium phosphate, calcium carbonate), salmon oil, chicory.

Directions: 20 g of food per kg of body weight per day. Once opened, it can be stored in the refrigerator for two days. Always make sure your pet has room temperature drinking water. Divide the recommended daily amount of NatureCare food into several smaller meals throughout the day. Cut the sausage into smaller pieces before giving it to your dog.

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