Calmatonine, tab

Calmatonine, tablets (N10)

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Preventive measure against stressful situations (noise, fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, visits to the veterinarian). For improving the quality of sleep.


Calmatonine is a natural product, so it can be used continuously.

Preventive measure for animals sensitive to stressful situations (noise, fireworks, thunderstorms, during trips, visits to the veterinarian, as well as environmental changes). For improving the quality of sleep. Can be used when old animals and birds begin to molt.

Ingredients: mannitol, magnesium salts of fatty acids, cristobalite.

Additives: vitamins, provitamins: inositol 7.1%. Amino acids: tryptophan 13%. Fragrances: vanilla extract 3.3%, valerian root extract 10.9%, passion fruit extract 10.9%, sweet stevia extract 3.2%.

Usage: for dogs and cats up to 10 kg - 0.5 tablets, 10-20 kg - 1 tablet, 20-30 kg - 1.5 tablets, 30-40 kg - 2 tablets once a day, for dogs weighing 40 kg and more - 3 tablets once a day. For ferrets, rabbits, rodents, 1/4 tablet once a day. Use half an hour or an hour before the desired sedative effect

Animal species: dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds.

Package: 120 tablets;

Manufacturer: Pharmadiet S.A. OPKO Health Company (Spain).

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