CH Pancreazim, (N60) tablets

CH Pancreazim, (N60) tablets

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Feed supplement for cats and dogs to facilitate pancreatic activity, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Pancrezim is a mixture of plant enzymes that facilitates digestion already at the beginning, because stomach acids do not break down these enzymes. Improves absorption of nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, microelements (e.g. zinc). Stimulates the activity of digestive enzymes: amylase for sugar, lactase and protease for protein and lipase for fat digestion, thus supporting the natural digestive process. These enzymes are naturally present in food, but break down during cooking because they are not heat stable. Therefore, Pankrezim supports and stimulates digestion, growth, helps with hair loss, and helps increase body weight.

Ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, monocrystalline cellulose, enzymes, magnesium stearate.

Analytical composition: Crude ash - 7.5%, crude fiber - 1.2%, crude protein - 0%, crude oil and fat - 1%. Starch - 0.05%. 1 tablet contains: Protease - 30 mg, cellulase - 30 mg, alpha amylase - 15 mg, lactase - 15 mg, lipase - 15 mg.

Doses (for cats and dogs): 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight, before feeding, twice a day. The recommended time of use is 3 - 8 weeks. In case of chronic pancreatic insufficiency - constantly. It is recommended to consult a veterinary specialist before use.

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