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Fibor, pellets for a healthy pet's gut

Fibor, pellets for a healthy pet's gut

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Fibor™ is a specially selected five-ingredient supplement designed to support a healthy gut. It can also help prevent problems caused by blocked anal glands. It is a new generation supplement for dogs and cats to improve bowel function. Defecation problems can cause a lot of trouble for you and your pet, which can manifest as: recurring anal gland problems; recurrent or persistent diarrhea; constipation; flatulence; Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • 500 g


FIBOR ™ is a supplement of five specially selected ingredients designed to maintain a healthy gut. It can also help prevent problems caused by the anal glands.

Kiwi fruit is a natural source of fiber, digestive enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics that maintain good digestion and a healthy gut without any of the side effects that often occur with other sources of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber - FIBOR ™ contains six different sources of fiber, which help to normalize the consistency and amount of feces, maintain a healthy intestine, promote natural cleansing of the anal glands. Contains prebiotics stimulate the activity of good bacteria in the intestine, nourish intestinal cells. Specific FIBOR ™ amino acids nourish the cells covering the intestine, which strengthens immunity. Minerals - In a high-fiber diet, you may need extra iron and zinc due to decreased absorption.

Usage: Sprinkle daily on the feed using the included measuring spoon.

Dosage: Body Weight Amount of granules

up to 5 kg 5 g

5 -20 kg 10 g

21 -35 kg 20 g

36 - 50 kg 30 g

over 50 kg 40 g

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